• RM-12 Tour Proven and Tour Inspired High Spin Wedge
  • RM-11 15% Larger Grooves Translate to Maximum Spin


  • FH-1000 FORGED Universally accepted tour model with a muscle back iron design
  • TC-330 Longest iron ever to be built with such a jaw breaking optimal distance
  • TC930 FORGED Featuring a low and perfectly aligned CGT for athletic golfer
  • TC530 FORGED Featuring a wider sole and lower CG for exceptional feel at impact


  • DT-111 Developed and Created for Maximum Power and Maximum Distance
  • CT-112 "I want to hit it further than anybody" Is that what you want? Don't worry, we'll make that happen!
  • ST-212 A Shallow Faced Titanium Driver Designed for Superior Trajectory and Extreme Distance

Fairway Woods

  • SF-612 Fairwood designed with a super shallow face. Completely researched to the finest detail in order to easily launch it high into the air.
  • SF-511 A Tour Driver 3 & 5 Woods


  • UT-612 A utility wood that lets golfers to hit it like a short fairway wood
  • UT-511 A Utility Wood to Rip it from the Fairway
  • HI610h T.S. Tour Model Utility Irons that Hit Long Shots Precisely to Pinpoint Targets


  • ST-212 A shallow faced titanium driver designed for ultimate forgiveness and extreme distance
  • SF-410 A Fairway Wood Designed to Combine Forgiveness With Optimal Ball Flight
  • UT-409 A Utility Wood to Easily Replace Your Long and Middle Irons
  • TC-610 Consistent, High Launching Long Iron Shots for Women Golfers

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