A Utility Wood to Easily Replace Your Long and Middle Irons

This easy to play utility wood was created for golfers of all skill levels, but particularly for those who have difficulty with their longs irons. The steel body of the UT-409 is designed with a high launch angle and a deep center-of-gravity for maximum stability throughout the shot and increased distance. In addition, this noteworthy combination provides playability from a variety of lies. This highly accurate hybrid not only is easy to get the ball airborne from any lie but maintains optimal spin. The head is also carefully offset according to the loft and is easy to align. Its sole has been engineered to be highly functional from any lie. This club is the perfect replacement for long and middle irons. It provides exceptional distance control and forgiveness. A proprietary FOURTEEN GOLF graphite shaft with a mid launch kicks point and stiff butt helps this game improvement club keep a mid to high trajectory for increased carry and distance.

Specifications Technology

Club Specifications

Material Face: High-Strength 455 Steel
Body: SUS630 Steel
Shaft MD-350su Graphite (S/62g, R/55g)
Loft Lie Volume Length Total Weight Swing Weight K.P.
21° 59° 118cm³ 40.5" S 346g C9 Mid
R 338g C9
24° 59.5° 112cm³ 40" S 349g C9
R 342g C9
27° 60° 107cm³ 49.5" S 354g C9
R 346g C9
30° 60.5° 103cm³ 39" S 358g C9
R 351g C9

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