Consistent, High Launching Long Iron Shots for Women Golfers

There has never been a ladies iron that has been pure in every aspect. Not only are the TC-610 Ladies Irons extremely forgiving, now women are now able to gain extra distance with these high performing irons. We’ve meticulously engineered these clubs so that women golfers are able to effortlessly and freely swing them achieving greater distance and superior accuracy. The undercut cavity and wide sole design that we’ve utilized for these irons enable our women customers to have increased consistency giving them more opportunity to enjoy golf.

Specifications Technology
TC-610 Ladies Loft Lie Length MD-370JL Graphite Shaft / 45g
Total Weight Swing Weight
#7 28° 61.5° 37.5inch 348.3g C8.3
#8 32° 62.0° 37inch 355.7g C9.0
#9 37° 62.5° 36.5inch 360.8g C9.0
#PW 42° 63.0° 36inch 377.0g C9.9
#P/A 47° 63.0° 35.5inch 384.5g D0.4
#A 51° 63.0° 35inch 391.2g D0.5
#S 56° 63.0° 34.75inch 395.0g D0.5

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