A shallow faced titanium driver designed for ultimate forgiveness and extreme distance

Players will love this shallow face driver as it will allow them to comfortably hit the ball without any doubts. This special driver uses CF chemical milling in order to produce a hybrid titanium crown that will produce monster drives with a stable launch through the middle of the fairway.

Specifications Technology

Head Specifications

Material 4-Piece Titanium Head
VL Titanium (Cap Face)
Hybrid Titanium Crown (15-3-3-3 titanium + KS-100 titanium)
KS-100 Titanium Body
Pure Titanium Neck
Loft Lei Volume CG Height CG Distance CG Depth MOI
12° 60.5° 420cm³ 20mm 37mm 39mm 4,000g·cm²

Club Specifications

Specialized Shaft : MD-350hd

Loft Flex Length Total Weight Balance Shaft Weight Torque KP
12° L 45.5inch 288g D3 45g 4.7 mid

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