A Fairway Wood Designed to Combine Forgiveness With Optimal Ball Flight

The SF-410 Fairway Wood features a low club head center of gravity to enable forgiveness while providing an optimal ball flight. It was designed to be very compatible with modern low-spin type golf balls allowing for controllable spin from the fairway. This is the perfect fairway wood for those golfers who want to carry the ball with optimal flight while having simple execution through the ball. We have also improved our 7 and 9 woods to be better looking at setup. Oftentimes, we hear that these shorter woods provide a lot of discomfort for many golfers at address. However, with the new club face and neck design of the club, we are confident that these new features will completely reduce the discomfort that golfers have had in the past and in turn make golfers want to use more of these shorter woods during their round to drastically improve their scores.

Specifications Technology

Club Specifications

Model Loft Lie Volume Length
#3 16° 57.5° 190cm³ 42.5inch
#5 19° 58° 175cm³ 42inch
#7 22° 58.5° 164cm³ 41.5inch
#9 25° 59° 155cm³ 41inch

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