Tour Proven and Tour Inspired High Spin Wedge

Touring Professionals continue to play golf courses that are increasingly difficult which is why the short game has become a vital aspect in the game. High spin performance, consistency, and reactionary performance are all key elements to a consistent short game.

The RM-12 is our new wedge model that will satisfy whatever tour players require and we are pretty certain they will fall in love with it instantly.

HOT LIST Golf Digest "Hot List" seal awarded

Specifications Technology


Material Nickel Chrome Molybdenum Steel
Finish Plated nickel chrome or half matte black finish


(1) DYNAMIC GOLD steel shaft (WEDGE/132g)
(2) N.S.PRO 950GH HT steel shaft (WEDGE/98g)


Loft Bounce Lie Length Weight
(Swing Weight)
Finish Left Hand
N.S.950 GH HT / 98g DYNAMIC GOLD / 132g Plated with matte finish Non-plated black finish Plated with matte finish
48/08 48° 63° 35.5" 438g 464g -
D0 D1.5
50/08 50° 63.5° 35.25" 443g 469g
D0.5 D2
52/10 52° 10° 443g 469g
D0.5 D2
54/10 54° 10° 443g 469g -
D0.5 D2
56/08 56° 64° 35" 449g 475g -
D1.5 D3
56/12 56° 12° 449g 475g
D1.5 D3
58/08 58° 449g 475g -
D1.5 D3
58/12 58° 12° 449g 475g
D1.5 D3
60/10 60° 10° 449g 475g -
D1.5 D3

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