HI610h T.S.

Tour Model Utility Irons that Hit Long Shots Precisely to Pinpoint Targets

These utility irons have a relatively small club head size. The idea was to maintain a traditional or typical iron appearance while still managing to produce a club that will allow golfers to hit solid shots out of any rough. It's definitely a must-have for professionals or accomplished golfers because of its playability, versatility and controllability.

Specifications Technology


Material Face/Neck : Chrome Molybdenum Steel
Nickel Chrome Satin Finish
(Back face portion with a mirror finish)
Model Loft Lie CG Height CG Distance CG Depth MOI
#2 19° 60° 17mm 35mm 10.5mm 1,984g·cm²
#3 21° 60° 17.4mm 35.5mm 10mm 2,007g·cm²
#4 24° 60° 18mm 35.5mm 9.5mm 2,049g·cm²


Specialized Shaft : MD-370gi

Flex Shaft Weight Torque KP
S 65g 3.5 mid
R 60g 3.5


Model Loft Flex Length Total Weight Swing Weight
#2 19° S 40inch 354g D0
R 349g D0
#3 21° S 39.5inch 358g D0
R 354g D0
#4 24° S 39inch 363g D0
R 359g D0

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