Fourteen's original thoughts of wedge making

We are able to conclude that it is not a matter of power and/or body built difference, but it is a contrast in the way the club makes contact with the ball and/or the way the ball is struck; as a result, these vital differences let us have a better perspective and understanding in analyzing the ways wedges create spin.

The 3 factors to spinning the ball

  • Creating friction from the club face : the ball reacts to the movement of the club head, creating friction from the contact and results in spin
  • Grooves (friction) : golf balls that are presently popular have a hard inner layer while the outer layer is fairly soft. The ball grinds against the groove, creating friction and thus producing spin.
  • The way the ball rotates :

    1. When the ball is hit slightly higher than the center of the ball, the ball rotates in a forward manner.

    2. When the ball is hit directly in the center, there is no rotation and the ball will just moves directly forward.

    3. When the ball is hit slightly lower than the center of the ball, the ball rotates in a backward manner, creating back spin!

The secret in Fourteen wedges: secret in the developing process

  • Bounce on the heel portion:

    A lot of our Fourteen wedges have a higher bounce on the heel portion, because when you open the face to hit, believe it or not it is actually the toe portion that hits the ball first, not the sole portion. To increase the bounce on the heel portion lets golfers feel the sole and will allow them to hit the ball in a consistent manner for each hit.

  • Thickness of the Leading Edge:

    There is a difference between the thickness of the leading edge between RM-12and Jspec IV (see below)

    Thickness of the leading wedge is thin (RM12)
    Because the leading edge is thin and has a flat sole, golfers are able to accurately hit the ball, feel each and every hit, and can try different shots easily.

    RM-12, J-Spec IVThickness of the leading edge is thick (J-Spec IV)
    With the leading edge is thick and the sole is relatively rounded, the club head slides well and is very forgiving. The player can control where and how he or she wants to slide the head under the ball and hit the shot just as imagined. (very forgiving)

People who buy wedges as an individual (Fourteen wedge's target)

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