- FOURTEEN GOLF Immediate Release - 02 September, 2013

IRVINE, CA - September 2, 2013 - FOURTEEN GOLF, a global leader in the development of golf equipment design, announced today that the Golf Digest "Hot List" RM-12 Wedges were played at the Web.com Tour Hotel Fitness Championship to secure a Top-5 finish.

According to Fourteen Golf COO Marcy Kamoda, "The Web.com Tour Hotel Fitness Championship provided great awareness for FOURTEEN GOLF. The Web.com Professional who played our RM-12 Wedges was at the top of the leaderboard all weekend and his tour cap with FOURTEEN GOLF on it was caught on camera repeatedly."

The Top-5 finish at the Web.com Tour Hotel Fitness Championship was attained with three RM-12 Wedges - a 48-degree, 52-degree and a 58-degree. This Web.com Tour Professional relies on his FOURTEEN GOLF RM-12 Wedges weekly because of their consistency and optimal spin rate.

"Our tour inspired RM-12 Wedges feature our exclusive trapezoidal grooves which helped this professional hold the Sycamore Hills greens," added Kamoda. The trapezoidal grooves on the RM-12 Wedges have been expanded which imparts exceptional spin and rotational speed as the RM acronym implies - "Revolution per Minute."

FOURTEEN GOLF Staffer Chad Collins played the RM-12 Wedges at the Web.com Tour Hotel Fitness Championship too. He likes how he can create different shots using the RM-12 Wedges. This workability is due to the rounded toe and heel area on the H-Sole -- available on the 48-degree to 58-degree models.

"The RM-12 Wedges allow me to have the confidence to execute any shot from any lie. Along with conforming grooves that produce more than enough spin at just the right times. I rely on my FOURTEEN GOLF wedges during every condition out on tour," said Chad Collins.

FOURTEEN GOLF is a burgeoning golf equipment company that takes great pride in its tour program. In addition to the vast number of professional golfers playing FOURTEEN GOLF equipment, the company has a professional FOURTEEN GOLF staff team which includes PGA Professionals John Mallinger, Arjun Atwal, Ryuji Imada and Chad Collins. Images and Bios of these players can be furnished upon request or seen at the company website www.fourteengolf.com.

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