- FOURTEEN GOLF Immediate Release - 19 August, 2013

IRVINE, CA - August 19, 2013 - FOURTEEN GOLF, a global leader in the development of golf equipment design, announced today that the company "Top-10" finish list surpassed the 50 mark with notable Top-10 finishes at the Tour News Sentinel Open.

According to Fourteen Golf COO Marcy Kamoda, "We as a company celebrate every win, every Top-10 and every great performance. These Top-10 finishes at the News Sentinel helped us meet our season goal and there are a few more events on the calendar. I am thrilled that our tour program continues to thrive."

One FOURTEEN GOLF enthusiast and Professional played the Golf Digest "Hot List" ranked RM-12 Wedges in three different lofts - a 48-degree, 52-degree and a 58-degree. He continues to keep all three in his bag weekly. His ongoing use of these wedges can be attributed to their performance in all types of weather.

"Our RM-12 Wedges maintain their spin and consistency in all types of weather and they out-perform the category leaders by 40% in wet weather. With the unusual rainfall we experience this year, it's not a surprised so many touring professionals played the RM-12 Wedges all season," added Kamoda.

The tour inspired, high performance RM-12 Wedge features the same large trapezoidal grooves as its predecessor, the RM 11-Wedge. These expanded grooves impart exceptional spin and rotational speed as the RM acronym implies - "Revolution per Minute."

Touring Professionals appreciated the company's original "reverse taper design" so the engineers used it as a platform on but increased the weight distribution on the upper blade to create a "reverse muscle design" on the RM-12 Wedges. In effect, the weight is perfectly proportioned on the blade and club head which creates stability through impact. Now golfers have better control from any lie. No more missing greens

According to Professional and FOURTEEN GOLF Staffer Chad Collins, "The FOURTEEN GOLF RM-12 Wedges allow me to have the confidence to execute any shot from any lie. Along with conforming grooves that produce more than enough spin at just the right times. I rely on my FOURTEEN GOLF wedges during every condition out on tour."

Tour players like to create different shots using the same wedge so the engineers rounded the toe and heel area on the H-Sole available on the 48-degree to 58-degree models and actually removed the back portion of the sole. These modifications allow golfers to open and close the face, promoting a variety of shots.

"Our RM-12 Wedges played a big role in attaining 50 plus Top-10 finishes but our Utility Irons contributed. They too were played weekly and at the Tour News Sentinel Open," added Kamoda.

FOURTEEN GOLF and their Utility Irons continue to gain popularity on and off the tour. They produce the distance of a fairway wood with the accuracy of an iron. "I encourage golfers of all levels to personally demo one. For the consumer, we've developed the HI-610h T.S. for golfers who want to hit their long shots directly at the pin," adds Kamoda.

The HI-610h T.S. Utility Irons guarantee that the accomplished player or golf professional will reach their intended target. They look easy to hit and in fact they are. The intensive research the FOURTEEN GOLF engineers performed on the club head's shape and positioning of the CG resulted in a utility iron that is controllable as well as stable. The deeper and lower CG allows the skilled golfer to select the smallest of targets and precisely get it there.

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