Fourteen Golf Claims its Third Consecutive Stadion Classic Title

- FOURTEEN GOLF Immediate Release - 06 May, 2013

IRVINE, CA - May 6, 2013 - FOURTEEN GOLF, a global leader in the development of golf equipment design, announced today that for the third straight year, the Champion of the Stadion Classic has used FOURTEEN GOLF wedges to win the event.

According to Fourteen Golf COO Marcy Kamoda, "For our wedges to be associated with the Stadion Classic title three years in a row is remarkable. We as a company couldn't be more proud and congratulate the winner for playing so well in very difficult conditions."

The wet and soggy conditions combined with the bunker laden University of Georgia Golf Course put a lot of pressure on the short game and those with FOURTEEN GOLF Wedges in their bag excelled including a professional who finished third, Ryuji Imada who tied for eighth place and the Stadion Classic Champion. There were a total of 45 FOURTEEN GOLF Wedges in play at the event.

"We attribute this weekend's success at the Stadion Classic to our reverse muscle design and signature trapezoidal grooves on the RM-12 Wedges. These features ensure spin and consistency in the worst of conditions," added Kamoda.

The 2013 Golf Digest "Hot List" award winning RM-12 Wedges are designed specifically to maintain spin consistency in dry or wet conditions. However, they excel in wet conditions. FOURTEEN GOLF preformed a spin test against the three top selling wedges and the results were noteworthy. The RM-12 Wedges are able to consistently maintain 80% of its spin as compared to the others wedges which spin rate was reduced in half.

"In addition to the success our wedges garnered at the Stadion Classic, FOURTEEN GOLF Utility Irons were used to take a runners-up position, making this finish the trifecta of the weekend," added Kamoda.

The momentum created for FOURTEEN GOLF at the Stadion Classic included some impressive long iron shots. One international golfer played both a FOURTEEN GOLF #3 and #4 Utility Irons to target his long shots precisely at the pin as well as control his flight path in inclement weather. His game plan worked as he captured a solid second place finish.

"Utility Irons produce the distance of a fairway wood with the accuracy of an iron. I encourage golfers of all levels to personally demo one. For the consumer, we've developed the HI-610h T.S. for golfers who want to hit their long shots directly at the pin," adds Kamoda.

The Hi-610h T.S. features a relatively small club head size. The idea was to maintain the appearance of a traditional iron while managing to produce a club that will allow golfers to hit solidly out of any rough. There are three Hi-610h T.S. Utility Irons to choose from, a #2, #3, and #4.

In addition to the vast amount of professional golfers playing FOURTEEN GOLF equipment, the company has a professional FOURTEEN GOLF staff team which includes PGA Professionals John Mallinger, Arjun Atwal, Ryuji Imada and Chad Collins. Images and Bios of these players can be furnished upon request or seen at the company website

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