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IRVINE, CA - April 11, 2012 - FOURTEEN GOLF, the recognized leader in wedge design with 38 worldwide professional tour victories since 2010, announced today that the company's irons and wedges were played at the 2012 Kraft Nabisco to gain another two Top-10 finishes.

FOURTEEN GOLF is a favorite amongst professional tour players not only because of their innovative designs but how their forged products perform. These elite golfers, including the two LPGA Professionals who tied for fourth at the Kraft Nabisco, want the feel, consistency, and distance control, the FOURTEEN GOLF forging provides.

According to FOURTEEN GOLF COO Marcy Kamoda, "Our forging process can literally be felt when you hit an iron or wedge produced by FOURTEEN GOLF. Golfers both on the tour and off the tour say our equipment feels 'pure' and 'solid'. We contribute this feature as one of the reasons we are succeeding on the professional tours."

FOURTEEN GOLF had 28 wedges in play at the 2012 Kraft Nabisco Championship including the company's new RM-11 and MT-28 V5 Wedges.

The totally new FOURTEEN GOLF RM-11 Wedge received its name from the measurement of "revolutions per minute." The enlarged grooves impart such exceptional spin and rotational speed that the design team thought the name was fitting.

The FOURTEEN GOLF RM-11 Wedge feature larger grooves that translate to maximum spin with exceptional control. The new USGA conforming FOURTEEN GOLF trapezoidal grooves have been enlarged by 15% as compared to its predecessor. This increase in overall groove volume enhances spin retention particularly on partial shots. These new grooves have been tested on the PGA Tour and the Pros all agreed, the RM-11 Wedges with their soft feeling head combined with uniquely shaped larger grooves provide extraordinary control, incomparable spin and precision like accuracy.

"We are glad that many of the LPGA Tour players are putting the RM-11 Wedge into play. The MT-28 V5 was widely accepted for several seasons," added Kamoda.

The highly popular MT-28 V5 forged wedge represents a long legacy of winning wedges. Its predecessor, the MT-28 V4 is known on several professional Tours as the "go to club" or the "money maker." Its exceptional performance has positioned FOURTEEN as the wedge authority.

This classically designed wedge features the signature FOURTEEN "reverse taper design" with a traditional forged feel but has been improved by adding a groove strategically located in between the club sole and blade portion of the wedge. This structural change allowed the engineers to move the CG to a higher more stabilizing position for more precise shots.

In preparation for the new groove policy on the professional tours such as the PGA and LPGA, the company spent years engineering a new trapezoidal shaped groove for the MT-28 V5 Wedge. This distinctively sharp-edged trapezoidal groove helps produce spin as well as control.

"The FOURTEEN GOLF TC-710 Forged Irons were also played at the Kraft Nabisco to shoot three rounds below par," added Kamoda.

As a FOURTEEN GOLF standard, all FOURTEEN GOLF products must demonstrate high performance with high style and the TC-710FG Forged Irons do exactly that. These stunning forged irons are distinctive, look exceptionally clean at address and provide pure but powerful contact.

The mid-size proprietary forged club head encourages confidence as they appear easy to hit and the positioning of the CG ensures that they are. Now, golfers can directly hit the sweet spot for consistent spin and perfect trajectory. The sizable MOI prevents any errors or miss-hits. A newly designed flat sole shape with a slight heel and toe relief guarantees that every iron shot is crisp.

For consistency and outstanding control, the CG distance and MOI are aligned exactly the same for every iron. This produces exactly the same distance or same yardage on every shot. The highly attractive, traditionally shaped, forged iron head is manufactured with soft alloy type S25C steel and features feature the company's new trapezoid grooves which conform to the new groove rule. This distinctive sharply-edged trapezoidal groove undergoes a mirror-face milling process which precisely and carefully mills each groove for optimal spin.

The company spent years engineering a new trapezoidal shaped groove so the TC-710FG Forged Irons as well as FOURTEEN GOLF's total product line would be in compliance with the new groove regulations effective in 2010 for the professional tours and 2014 for amateurs and tournaments.

FOURTEEN GOLF is a burgeoning golf equipment company that takes great pride in their tour program. This year FOURTEEN GOLF officially signed Japanese golfing prodigy and PGA Professional Ryuji Imada to a three year endorsement deal which includes a staff bag, head covers, hat, umbrella and wedges. He joins FOURTEEN GOLF team members PGA Professionals Chad Collins and Arjun Atwal.

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