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IRVINE, CA - March 19, 2013 - FOURTEEN GOLF, a burgeoning golf equipment company with a worldwide presence and global leader in the development of golf equipment, proudly announced that two exceptional LPGA Professionals played FOURTEEN GOLF to finish on top of the leaderboard and lock in two substantial Top-10 finishes.

"We are typically known on all tours for our wedges but the LPGA Tour and their professionals play our entire line of FOURTEEN GOLF equipment. At the RR Donnelley, our wedges were in play but so were the TC-530 Irons," stated FOURTEEN GOLF COO Marcy Kamoda.

A tie for fourth place was earned playing a set of irons that are designed for playability and forgiveness - the TC-530 Forged Irons. These traditionally inspired, cavity backed forged irons feature a wide sole set combined with a lower CG. The TC-530FG Forged Irons actually has the lowest CG placement amongst all of FOURTEEN GOLF's irons. It also is placed much deeper than typical irons so golfers with club head speeds of 38-42 m/sec will be able to produce a higher launch as well as produce consistent and targeted iron shots.

According to FOURTEEN GOLF COO Marcy Kamoda, "The TC-530 Forged Irons can be seen in a lot of LPGA Tour bags. This is due to the length and exact trajectory they create," added Kamoda.

Typically shorter irons are easier to control as compared to middle and long irons which require faster swing speeds. To compensate for the difficulty in hitting the lengthier irons, each iron within the TC-530FG Forged Iron set varies in length by 0.55 inches beginning with the P/A.

"This engineering or varying CG and MOI feature allows golfers to hit every shot like it was a short iron and with more consistency and less miss-hits. The TC-530 Irons not only help the professional golfer but the average or amateur golfer as well," adds Kamoda.

The aesthetically striking TC-530FG Irons are classically shaped and complimented with a nickel chrome non-plated satin finish enhanced with a mirrored back face. The iron head is manufactured with soft S25C forged steel and features the company's new trapezoid grooves which conform to the new groove rule. This distinctive sharply-edged trapezoidal groove undergoes a mirror-face milling process which precisely and carefully mills each groove for optimal spin.

"In addition to the TC-530 Irons put in play our wedges are also credited to the second Top-10 finish," Kamoda stated.

FOURTEEN GOLF and it's legacy as a pre-eminent wedge designer is demonstrated at the RR Donnelley as a tie for eighth place was earned playing a FOURTEEN GOLF wedge in a 52, 56, and 60-degree wedge.

A wedge that continues to gain awareness is the 2013 Golf Digest "Hot List" award winning RM-12 Wedge with its expanded grooves. The uniquely shaped trapezoidal grooves on the RM-12 Wedges have been enlarged by 15% as compared to other FOURTEEN GOLF wedges. This increase in overall groove volume enhances spin retention particularly on partial shots. In addition, these high quality grooves perform well in both dry and wet conditions.

The 2013 Golf Digest "Hot List" award winning RM-12 Wedge and its sole design differ greatly from the original RM-11 Wedge. Tour players like to create different shots using the same wedge so the engineers rounded the toe and heel area on the H-Sole available on the 48-degree to 58-degree models and actually removed the back portion of the sole. These modifications allow golfers to open and close the face, promoting a variety of shots.

For the 60-degree RM-12 Wedge, the design team implemented a T-Sole, also known as a Twin Sole. A distinct ridge in the middle portion of the sole allows the club to get through any type of lie easily as the leading edge is able to slide under the club effortlessly. Additionally, when the club face is open, the back portion of the sole encourages the ball to pop up with the perfect amount of spin.

FOURTEEN GOLF is a burgeoning golf equipment company that takes great pride in their tour program. The company proudly announced the addition of PGA Professional John Mallinger to the FOURTEEN GOLF Professional Staff in January of 2013. He will play the RM Series Wedges as well as wear a FOURTEEN GOLF cap. His staff bag, head covers, umbrella and towel will all display the FOURTEEN GOLF logo.

Last year, FOURTEEN GOLF officially signed PGA Professional Ryuji Imada to a three year endorsement deal which includes a staff bag, head covers, hat, umbrella and wedges. He joins FOURTEEN GOLF team members PGA Professionals Chad Collins and Arjun Atwal.

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