Providing all golfers with the best 14 clubs

The brand name "Fourteen" was created from the maximum number of clubs a golfer is allowed to have in the bag during competition. The company strives to reach and surpass its fundamental principle, "To equip golfers with the best 14 clubs" with each and every golf club they develop.

Fourteen - The club for the Discerning Golfer. Since 1981

Fourteen Brand

Fourteen Golf was established in 1981 by one of the leading golf club designers in Japan. Through the years Fourteen Golf has pushed the limits of golf club design in order to make golf more accessible and easy for golfers of all handicaps.

Providing golfers with the best 14 clubs they'll ever encounter!

Fourteen Golf and its golf equipment are globally accepted on all professional tours. These golfers know that Fourteen Golf, with its hand craftsmanship, distinctive designs and top of the line materials, provides the best performance achievable. There is a misconception that only serious players or professionals can use Fourteen Golf equipment, this is not the case. Fourteen Golf takes great pride in the fact that its equipment has been designed for golfers of all skill levels.

Fourteen Logo

Fourteen - The club for the Discerning Golfer.

The message behind the iconic Fourteen feather logo:

Fourteen Golf's objective when launching the company was to produce equipment that allowed any type of golfer to swing easily at the ball without any swing modifications. This simplicity and freedom to swing at the ball easily as well as lightly reflects the gracefulness of a bird. So, the feather seemed to represent that feeling as well as the golf terms: albatross, eagle and birdie are all bird related.

Golf Club Design Firm

Fourteen was founded as a golf club design firm in 1981. Fourteen designed and introduced a number of excellent golf clubs for almost all the major club manufacturers for 20 years.

In 1987, the winner of the US Open used irons which were designed by Fourteen. It was the first major title won by a professional playing golf clubs made in Japan.

The company introduced a utility iron in 1988, which was the prototype of what is now known as the hybrid iron.

In 1989, cavity back irons designed by Fourteen achieved phenomenal success. The irons were designed with a CG(Center of Gravity) angle feature, which drastically improved ball striking as well as increased ball distance.

Fourteen Brand

Won The Open ! The world's first high spin wedge

In 2002, Fourteen decided to concentrate on producing golf clubs under the brand name Fourteen Golf, making use of the experiences and technical know-how accumulated throughout the years as a club design firm.

The company quickly attracted the attention of golfers throughout the world to Fourteen Golf equipment. In 2002, the winner of The Open Championship played Fourteen Golf HI-858 irons.

Today, 'squeal to halt' back-spin wedge shots are a common site on tour, but it was Fourteen Golf's original MT-28 wedge that made this type of shot a reality for common golfers. The MT-28 wedge has managed to endow the average golfer with pro wedge techniques by building functionality for these kinds of shots into the club itself.Combining this spin capability with a high level of control and stability, MT-28 wedges have proven their place in golfers' bags, from the best pros to average players.

Fourteen Golf has been recognized as a worldwide leader in wedge design and more recently it has earned a reputation for producing some the most classically designed, tour-inspired, forged irons in the world.


  • 01 Development Concept
    First of all, we determine the targeted players for the new product in order to create a development concept focused on these players.
  • 02 Dimension Design
    We embody the development concept in the dimension design. The club head dimension details such as size, lie and loft angles, as well as sole width and face shape, are all based on extensive data collected over years of research.
  • 03 3D CAD Design
    By simultaneously simulating the various club head dimensions such as shape, center of gravity, and moment of inertia, we are able to achieve an even greater degree of fusion between design and function in the club head.

  • 04 Final Shape Confirmation
    Once we have designed the club head shape in our 3D CAD program, we make a resin model. In order to ensure a perfect head shape, it is absolutely necessary to check the details that don't show up in the CAD. We input the results to our 3D CAD program to improve the precision of the CAD data.
  • 05 Copper Master
    Based on the club head shape made by our 3D CAD program, we make molds for mass production. We use materials and processes that are optimal for mass production.
  • 06 Sample Model
    We then test the samples with robots and golfers. Specifications such as shape, center of gravity, and strength are carefully checked by a robot to make sure they match the design requirements. At the same time, samples are tested by golfers of various skill levels to determine basic performance.

Evaluation of Fourteen in the market

  • High product-development power
  • Manufacturer of high quality golf clubs
  • Top brand of wedge
  • Well-organized distribution channel
  • Price collapse-free
  • High professional golfers usage rate
  • High top-amateur golfers usage rate
  • Positive promotion on the U.S.PGA Tour

Fourteen Wedge/Market share in Japanese market

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