• DT-111

    The Discerning Golfer will gain greater confidence due to the DT-111 Driver’s outstanding performance

    The trend to produce driver heads larger in volume has caused more models to focus directly on the MOI. This performance feature dramatically affects the impact of the clubface to the ball, particularly with players who have faster club head speeds. Therefore FOURTEEN GOLF adjusted the MOI on the DT-111 Driver to 36mm ? slightly on the shorter side. This modification provides more workability for better shot making.

    The FOURTEEN GOLF DT-111 Driver has been developed specifically for low handicap golfers and professionals.

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  • ST-110

    The new hybrid titanium crown guarantees better launch and consistent drives

    The ST-110 Driver was designed and developed to execute solid contact off the clubface. The “ST” is an acronym for “Straight Trajectory.” The exclusive patented unique two piece titanium crown is incredibly light which allowed the engineers to move the CG closer to the sole which creates a higher launch angle for significantly longer drives.

    Testing proved that utilizing multiple Titanium materials prevented the loss of energy to the ball at impact. The club face is manufactured with 15-3-3-3 Titanium while the back portion is made with a KS-100 Titanium. The decision to use these two Titanium materials was based on testing and data. The design team conducted countless number of demo rounds and each time this combination produced longer piercing drives.

    To provide a solid strike on impact, the lie angle was designed to be more upright and then complimented with a shallow club face. Compared to previous FOURTEEN GOLF drivers, the ST-110 Driver possesses the lowest club face height to date. It might be hard to recognize at first but the club face is pretty thin compared to past driver models.

    In addition to a unique double layered two piece crown, the ST-110 driver features a club face technology that transitions in thickness. The center measures at 3.9mm and gradually reduces toward the parameter which measures at 2.1mm. This innovative cup-faced design promotes consistency as well as an audio sound of pure contact. It also is aerodynamic and assists in setting up to the ball. The overall shape makes the driver appear smaller with a more traditional look.

    Aside from the numerous tests performed for the Titanium material and club performance, the company paid meticulous attention to the feather logo on the sole of the club head. With the use of special laser technology, the logo will never wear off. We know that it’s a very small detail to pay attention to for a club company, but Fourteen Golf takes great pride into each and every part of the club-making process.

  • JC-909

    Maximize your drivers with the new JC-909 and unleash monster drivers

    Ripping the ball down the fairway with a longer club is an absolute solution to gaining distance; therefore, we're lengthened the JC-909 and We're certain that this will become the new standard in the near future. Our JC-909 features a clubhead with an MOI of 4000, improved controllability of the ball, and a larger clubhead that serves to be perfect for its new longer length.
    Along with these incredible features, we really focused on creating a driver that will allow the golfer to swing freely with the same tempo despite its new length. Even if the JC-909 is a bit longer than the current standard length for drivers, it will allow you to still solidly strike the ball and will let you swing with the same tempo. We prevented this long driver from throwing off your rhythm by increasing stiffness (torque) near the grip while decreasing stiffness in the shaft nearer to the clubhead.This improvement will allow the golfer to hit the ball a lot smoother. This was definitely a very difficult decision for us because we knew that having either the shaft too stiff or too weak would be unacceptable. With the JC-909 in your hand and you will know right off the bat that this driver dosen't feel that much longer compared to other drivers. What's incredible is that a lot of players don't even realize the difference in the length during club fittings.
    Not only did we make these various changes, we've also strategically and scientifically designed the clubhead. We've deepened the CG in the 460cm3 clubhead to enable both forgiveness and pure impact. And because of the type of materials and engineering methods we utilized for this driver, it has a soft feel and a pleasant sound that will make the golfer happy after every tee shot. Every part of the head has been assembled with the highest engineering technology, allowing us to precisely determine the center of gravity and enhance its overall performance. With optimal performance and quality of both the head and shaft, we're very proud and honored to present to you one of the best drivers out there in the golf industry.

  • JC-707

    Maximize your drives with the longer 46.5 inch shaft and larger-sized head

    At Fourteen , we produced a longer-length driver called the "Gerondy" over ten years ago. At that time,, the Gerondy's performance and distance was so stunning that everyone wanted a piece of it. Fourteen also was actually the first to popularize the longer-length driver among all other companies. But during that time, its smaller clubhead volume (308cm3) and the introduction of non-confirmed clubhead were the key reasons why the Gerondy wasn't favored among other brands. Since 2008, non-confirmed clubheads were deemed illegal according to the rules, and increasing distance demanded the need for an increase in headspeed. Therefore, lengthening the shaft was the perfect solution to accommodate the new rules. From current regulations, we decided to go ahead and maximize the head volume to 460cm3, while also legthening the shaft to adjust to the bigger ckubhead size.
    In regards to the shaft, we utilize our original stock shaft made especially for the JC-707. We've endlessly studied and tested the club to verify that the clubhead purely makes contact with the ball without having to play catch up due to the longer club length. However, there are still many things we don’t really understand about the shaft. So in order to provide the best stock shaft, we solely don’t rely on the numbers and get too carried away with them, but instead count on actual players to obtain valuable feedback from them.
    To produce a conforming head that is at the limit of the maximum conforming head volume, we started out by creating a head with a reduction in the crown portion. We’ve reduced the thinner parts compared to our prior models and increased the ball speed at impact. Enlarging the crown portion of the club head was the most demanding process. Even if the clubhead seemed visually attractive and ensured a boost of confidence at address, these aspects proved to be pointless if the head didn’t conform to USGA club regulations. A lot of times we found ourselves discouraged to find out that a seemingly satisfying and good looking clubhead didn’t conform to the 460cm3 maximum clubhead volume during the manufacturing process. As a result, we were endlessly testing out differently designed heads until we finally innovated a conforming head. We also aimed at producing a form that complied with the rules. Additionally, we saw that increasing the head size would proportionally increase the CG distance as well and would negatively affect the ball’s performance at impact. Ultimately, we maintained the same CG and upped the clubhead volume instead.
    All in all, the 46.5 inch long shaft along with an enhanced head will increase your clubhead speed, provide a better impact, and stabilize both distance and shots, which will boost your confidence about your golf game.

Fairway Woods

  • SF-511

    A fairway wood that meets the needs of the LOW HANDICAPPER and Professional Golfer

    The FOURTEEN GOLF SF-511 Metal Woods were designed to compliment the explosive DT-111 Driver which provides maximum distance and maximum power for the low handicapper and professional player.

    Both metal woods feature aggressive lofts, 14 degrees on the 3-Metal and 17 degrees on the 5-Metal. A newly designed face which cups and wraps around the body of the club disperses pressure at impact which results in a more responsive and pure feel.

    The slightly smaller profile and head size on the SF-511 Metal Woods provide today’s professionals and serious golfer’s versatility, shot shaping and trajectory control.

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  • SF-410

    The objective: Produce a 3 wood that performs well in a variety of conditions

    After the completion of the ST-110 Driver, the company wanted to create a companion 3 wood that would have similar characteristics as the ST-110 Driver. The design team collectively wanted to develop a 3 wood that would provide golfers the confidence to hit the ball in any condition.

    In addition, advancement in golf ball technology has resulted in a lower ball flight with less spin. So that when a golfer hits a 3 wood from the fairway it seems more difficult. This becomes even more apparent with golfers with a slower swing speed. During the development period, FOURTEEN GOLF had golfers compare the 3 wood to the 5 wood. The majority obviously preferred the 5 wood because it was easier to create higher launch conditions and spin.

    With this in mind, the engineers strived to develop a 3 wood that is as easy to hit as a 5 wood. In order to achieve and execute shots from any lie the club would have to achieve both optimal launch conditions and spin. The team then increased the loft to 16 degrees for the SF-410 Wood.

    The SF-410 Wood now features a shallow club head design with an overall size of 190cc, a low CG, and a slightly upright lie angle in order to gain optimal distance and easy maneuverability. Research proved that the shallow club head design provides golfers more confidence as it gives them the chance to easily sweep the golf ball out of any lie or condition with optimal launch and spin.

    Lastly, the club sole design will appeal to an avid golfer. It has a very professional look to it. Similar to the ST-110 Driver, we used our advanced laser technology to precisely etch the symbolic Fourteen feather logo.

  • SF-308

    Following the creation of our exceptional drivers come the birth of our fairway woods

    Along with the success of our new deivers, we've also produced the SF-308 fairway woods. Its head size is slightly bigger than our past Fourteen fairway woods, and this change makes it easier for you to pound the ball. We aimed at increasing the MOI (moment of inertia), giving it its new size and sleek design. The CG (center of gravitiy) has been positioned to be lower, providing an easier launch of the ball. We've also found another way to get the ball to launch higher: a wood usually has a slight curve on the clubface called the bulge and roll; however we've reduced that curve on the face of the SF-308 in order to solidly send the ball even if you happened to thin the ball. And because you will be able to see the club loft at address from the reduction of the bulge and roll, you wll fell more confident over the ball because it already looks like you won't have to put a lot of effort into hitting the ball.
    The overall head shape and design of the SF-308
    mirrors the JC-909; you won't need to worry about getting used to the look of the SF-308 because of its similar appearance and feel. We retained the conventional look of a fairway wood and enhanced this model to let it have an easier and higher launch of the ball.


  • UT-511

    The UT-511 Utility Wood prevents the ball from going “too left” and is considered an extension of the SF-511 Metal Woods

    The UT-511 Utility Wood is the perfect companion or extension to the SF-511 Metal Woods. It is designed for the same golfer ? the low handicap golfer or professional golfer who strives to ignite their power for optimum distance.

    The engineering team at FOURTEEN GOLF focused on the face progression (FP) feature. This significant FB attribute is much bigger on the UT-511 Utility Wood compared to the standard utility wood. It is exclusively developed to catch the ball and prevent the ball from going “too left”. This keeps the hardest of hitters on the fairway.

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  • HI-610h T.S.

    Tour Proven Performance-THE FOURTEEN GOLF Standaed And The Basis In Which The HI-610h T.S Has Been Developed And Designed

    The small head design, higher face progression and a no offset hosel allowed the FOURTEEN GOLF engineering team to shorten the distance to the center of gravity. Now, the HI-610 T.S. is more forgiving and provides the perfect spin rate for controlled shots with the ultimate in distance and trajectory.

    Golf balls have gone through many design changes. Most feature a lower spin rate which makes the long irons difficult to hit and control. The HI-610 T.S. has been developed and designed to compensate for this making it an excellent replacement iron.

  • UT-306

    A utility clubs made strictly for professional and advanced players

    We started the creation of the utility club for the main purpose of assisting professinal golfers to be able to use it on tour. In contrast to a utility club rescuing amateur golfers with their game, we intended the utility clubs to serve as a better substitute for longer irons. Another key feature of these clubs is that the loft lineup ranges from 19, 21, and 24 degrees, and they're made only for professinals who dislike hitting left so we slightly increased the FP value and were careful about not lowering the CG too much. One of the hardest tasks for us was dealing with the FP value. Models with a lower FP value tend to have a stronger trajectory and can drive the ball further, but this will actually result in the ball to not stop. We know how important reaching greens are for pros and advanced players, so sending the ball with a hotter trajectory but not being able to stop the ball on the green proved to be a major dilemma. Therefore, determining the FP value that would allow the ball to stop was a very tough issue we were faced with.
    The clubhead design has also been strategically developed so that it will be easier getting through the ball; the improved shape of the sole lets you make cleaner contact in any turf conditions whether it be on a grown, sticky rough or on a shortly cut fairway.
    We found that it may be a little difficult for amateurs to use club, but it is definitely an impressive club for professionals and advanced players.


  • TC-710 FORGED


    The TC-710FG Forged Irons are an extension of the original and classically designed TC Iron Series. The design team’s motto is that NO golfer has to settle on equipment based on their level of play. This inspiration was instrumental in the development of the TC-710FG Forged Irons.

    Most golfers settle on equipment based on their level of play. Before the introduction of the TC0710FG Forged Iron, golfers with mid-to-high handicaps were forced to play with absurd looking “game improvement” irons. Now the traditionally inspired TC-710FG Forged Iron can help the average golfer play better, look better and provide the alluring feel of a forged head.

    Superior performance with the clean lines of a forged iron ? The TC-FG Forged Irons

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  • TC-510 FORGED

    Clean, simple, innovative design guaranteeing that every golfer will fall in love.

    n the past, we used to automatically think in creating a forgiving iron, that we had to push the CG to lowest possible region of the iron. However, in developing our new TC 510 FG, we wanted to produce a product that would push our golfers beyond their potential, analyzing each of the specific aspects that provide forgiveness.

    With our TC-510 FG irons, it doesn’t matter their ability, these irons were designed to perform and perform beyond expectation. We focused on the CG distance allowing golfers to execute shots with forgiveness and confidence….thus, an “easy to hit iron." Once the design was perfected, we paid close attention to the presentation of the TC510 FG’s appearance…. providing love at first sight. Coupled with a forgiving design and pureness of the feel of a forged iron, the TC510FG is an iron series that every golfer should try because we can guarantee that he or she will be impressed by both its look and feel.

  • New TC-550 FORGED

    We developed the TC 550 Forged iron set to cater to a vast variety of golfer and skills levels

    We developed the TC 550 Forged iron set to cater to a vast variety of golfer and skills levels, We have coupled innovative design characteristics and the soft feel of forged irons, to develop one of the most innovative iron sets we have ever created.

    We wanted to develop an iron set that would enhance the solid ball contact and produce solid consistent golf shots that would lead to lower scores. By striving to develop an iron set that altogether eliminates mishits, we created irons that yields better misses and enhances feel on off center strikes. We paid very close attention to every fine detail during the manufacturing process of these irons. One such specific detail was to manufacture a club that could be easily and effortlessly swung by a golfer with an average headspeed of 39 ? 43 m/sec. In effect, we carefully studied the club’s center of gravity (CG) to provide golfers with the correct club weight balance. Additionally, the club’s moment of inertia (MOI) was positioned, in order to allow golfers to relish the pure contact of the ball and clubface with each and every iron throughout the set.

    Hitting the ball at the center of the clubface would produce a pure and pristine feel, whereas hitting the ball off center would allow you to recognize that you didn’t hit your best shot. We believe that these changes in the feel would effectively allow golfers to improve their golf swings to eventually become better ball strikers. In addition, we wanted players to naturally hit the ball at the CG location. Therefore, we tried our best to match the CG location to where average golfers usually line up their club behind the ball in order to yield steady results. We also adjusted the CG on every iron in the set to have the same value, enabling golfers to execute consistent, solid shots with their natural swings. There is absolutely no need for a golfer to feel like he or she must physically put effort into swinging the club; instead, an effortless and rhythmic swing would yield better shots and lower scores.

    Not only are these new TC ? 550 Forged irons special because we developed them to not generate any misses, but they are also beautiful and have one of the top qualities of any iron set out there.

  • TC-1000 FORGED

    Newly designed irons that don't really fit the traditional Fourteen design

    These TC-1000 irons were only made for professinals at the start of manufacturing, and we wanted to create cavity-back irons that were very simple to hit for our professionals. Because these irons are in our professional-use model, we made sure that they have high functionality as well as having great appearance for any media coverage. We also wanted to try something new and experiment with a different look than our past traditional Fourteen style. There may be some who felt surprised by the new look and style compared to our prior models; this was our main goal from the start.
    We really tried to emphasize the writing of "Forged" on the back of the face. We've made it a gold color , to show that they're totally diffrent compared to our prior model. Moreover, we've also concentrated on the writing of "TC" and edited its font so please take the time to look at these changes when you hold these irons in your hands. Not only did we make these modifications, We've even altered it by raising the feather logo. This may not seem so special, but it was definitely one of the toughest parts of the process because of the type of metallic substances used on the club. We knew that when we first started the design process for these irons, the adjustments on the feather was something we eagerly wanted to accomplish, just to reflect how special and different these irons were to become.
    Because these irons are professional models, its performance and precision are among the best available. While making these, we were conscious about what pros would like to see at address and carefully designed the head to meet their expectations. We were eager to hear good reviews like "it looks great at address" and "shaping shots with these are very simple and feel phenomenal. "We felt fully convinced that we've fulfilled the optimal performance and attractive design from satisfying feedback of both Japanese and American tour players who tried our iron samples out.
    For a professional model, we've lowered the center of gravity, so we believe that even amateurs can use them. We hope that becoming comfortable hitting these irons will boost your confidence and will allow you to see drastic improvements in your player status.


  • MT-28V5

    FOURTEEN GOLF proves that spin performance isn’t only about the grooves

    The new MT-28 V5 Wedge represents a long legacy of winning wedges. It’s predecessor -- the MT-28 V4.

    As with all of FOURTEEN GOLF’s equipment, the MT-28 V5 wedge series is designed to fulfill and exceed the demands of the professional golfer. Their exceptional performance and functionality can be credited to the constant feedback the company receives from its pros.

    However, the wedge’s phenomenal spin performance should appeal to the many amateur golfers who seek more spin. The average golfer thinks that spinning the ball is directly related to its grooves. FOURTEEN GOLF understands that the groove configuration is only one component in producing spin and playability, and the other parts of the wedge such as the sole width, sole shape and face also contribute to its overall performance and the MT-28 V5 proves that.

    The engineers developed and designed the MT-28 V5 wedge with one goal in mind. They wanted a wedge that enabled the professional to manage the greens with their skilled technique. As a result, the design team focused on aspects such as controllability and stability, while also making general improvements for the entire wedge.

    One of the first features improved upon was its signature “reverse taper blade design.” The blade portion of the head was enlarged to accommodate an additional groove which allowed the engineers to move the CG to a higher position. This arrangement not only provides each shot with greater stability but also produces higher spin rates, better trajectory, and optimal performance unlike most conventional wedges which have a lower center of gravity. This typical design feature promotes a higher ball flight reducing the clubs capability to put spin on the ball, causing the clubface to easily open on impact.

    The sole portion of the MT-28 V5 Wedge now features a flatter shape with trailing edge and slight heel relief. This new dynamic combination provides any player an opportunity to fully utilize the club’s bounce and execute pure shots out of any type of rough.

    In preparation for the new groove policy on the professional tours such as the PGA, Nationwide, LPGA and more, the company spent years engineering a new head and groove combination for the MT-28 V5 that would be in compliance with the USGA’s requirements and yet maintained the ultimate spin rate. The company not only met that objective but exceeded their expectations.

    For exceptional spin and control, the entirely new unique trapezoidal shaped groove works in perfect alliance with the MT-28 V5 highly engineered head. In fact, this combination was tested in a variety of conditions and it outperformed the MT-28 V4 in wet soggy conditions and maintained the same spin rate in dry conditions. The trapezoidal groove also undergoes a mirror-face milling process which precisely and carefully mills each groove for optimal spin.

  • MT-28V4

    Phenomenal spin performance as always, we've made comprehensive improvements in our wedge

    Fourteen wedges are famous for being able to put a lot of spin just like the pros, and we are very proud to have gotten phenomenal reviews on all models. We’ve retained the incredible spin performance and have even made additional comprehensive improvements in all aspects of the MT-28V4 wedge. Wedges are not always used in favorable lies but are oftentimes used in all types of lies including extremely difficult situations. Even in those situations, it is very critical to get it close to the pin, so we wanted to steady the clubhead’s motion in all types of lies. To do that, we utilized a “reverse taper design” on the club head. This design features a slightly thicker upper portion on the blade. We actually produced a professional-use prototype using this kind of design before and found out how beneficial and effective its performance was. In effect, we employed that idea and improved upon it to finalize the creation of the MT-28V4. The “reverse taper design” basically features the blade portion to be a bit heavier than our past wedges. This new concept positions the CG to stabilize the head and execute quality shots. These strategically engineered principles deliver solid shots in even the stickiest and the thickest of roughs. Its upgraded spin performance, controllability, and stability for every shot has made this wedge versatile in all aspects. We’re definitely certain that we’ve developed a wedge that’s able to pull off stable and accurate shots at the pin.

  • MT-28J.SPEC II

    Fourteen’s “dream come true” wedge model

    Usually individually sold wedges are thought to be for professional use only, but this model gives it a whole new notion. As a golf club designer, engineer, and a golfer himself, Takamitsu Takebayashi fulfilled his dream creating this wedge. It might be easier to think of these wedges as one of the most forgiving wedges Fourteen has ever created. We aimed to fully generate exceptional performance and forgiveness in this new model.
    In the MT-28 J.SPEC-II, we’ve designed it so that it features a “reverse taper design” with its original and beautiful cavity on the back; this powerful combination stabilizes the head movement in any type of lie.
    Fourteen’s original cavity back design may not seem special at all, but in fact, we had a difficult time trying to finalize it to visually look attractive. Another tough aspect of this wedge was that our polishing machine wouldn’t reach the very back of the deep cavity while even the club manufacturing machine would also not perfect the ideal cavity back we wanted. As a result, we decided to manually carve the original cavity back one by one. It was definitely the toughest part of the process; however, we really wanted to make it look outstanding, and we feel very proud of its final outcome.
    These wedges are splendid in both its look and feel. We were successfully able to distinguish these wedges from professional-use model wedge series, and we feel very satisfied with its outcome.

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