Providing all golfers with the best 14 clubs they will ever encounter.

Fourteen - The club for the Discerning Golfer.

The brand name "Fourteen" was created from the maximum number of clubs a golfer is allowed to have in the bag during competition. The company strives to reach and surpass its fundamental principle, "To equip golfers with the best 14 clubs" with each and every golf club they develop.

The message behind the iconic Fourteen feather logo:
Fourteen's goal or objective when launching the company was to produce equipment that allowed any type of golfer to swing easily at the ball without any swing modifications. This simplicity and freedom to swing at the ball easily as well as lightly reflects the gracefulness of a bird. So, the feather seemed to represent that feeling as well as the golf terms: albatross, eagle and birdie are all bird related.

Fourteen celebrates its 30th Anniversary.

Fourteen was established in 1981 by one of the leading golf club designers in Japan - Takamitsu Takebayashi. Through the years he has proven to be a preeminent golf club designer and his successes are reputed globally. He has pushed the limits of golf designs in order to make golf more accessible and easy for golfers of all handicaps.

His accomplishments are many but one if his most outstanding original developments is his innovative utility iron. He achieved something many designers attempted but couldn't accomplish. He created the "CG angle design." This significant feature improves ball striking as well as increasing ball distance. This one-of-a kind iron has become a favorite on the PGA Tour and a Fourteen best seller.

To produce precision like golf clubs, Fourteen created a lie and loft gauge. This highly crafted machine ensures the lies and lofts are EXACT on every piece of Fourteen golf equipment. Its genius captured the attention of other golf club companies, golf shops, and professional tour vans so the company began selling it to authorized users.

Providing golfers with the easiest 14 clubs they'll ever encounter

Fourteen and its golf equipment are globally accepted on all professional tours. These golfers know that Fourteen with its hand craftsmanship, distinctive designs and inimitable materials, provide the best performance achievable but there is a misconception that only serious players can use Fourteen. This is not the case. Fourteen develops its equipment for all levels of players. The company takes great pride in the fact that their equipment can compensate for lack of technique or power. In addition, amateurs who have a hard time spinning the ball will effortlessly spin the ball with Fourteen wedges or for those who can't play their long irons should find needed distance and control with the utility iron.

Become part of the Fourteen legend

The lure of Fourteen golf equipment is not a mystery. They are classical, beautiful, and striking in appearance yet they are easy to hit and will lower any golfer's handicap.

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